March 31st 2019


Lord Sees.png


🦋 As we finish looking at making assumptions today, let’s just take a mo and really think about it! Assumptions are a sure way to get things wrong, they almost certainly lead us to into wrong perceptions and false identities of others and situations. Assumptions are usually a speedy process of jumping to conclusions and building actions and mentalities upon real shakey ground! 😱 Today, let’s just give it all up to Him🙋let’s ask for a pause, a moment, a conviction in our heart everytime we are about to jump in with both feet without a thought!🤦Let’s ask for the fear of the Lord as we walk carefully into exactness! 🙋 Let’s start seeing situations and people as He does and put assumptions to bed once and for all! 💖 #fearoftheLord🙏#seewithhiseyes! 🙋

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