January 3rd


“Your rod and staff they comfort me, you prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies”

🏋️‍♀️January 3rd 2020: The shepherd as always, is fully equipped to take care of us, He has the full capacity and tools in place!💪 The word mentions several times about “the sheep passing under the rod” this was a method that enabled the shepherd to count the sheep leaving and entering the fold at the beginning and end of each day. He would stand and tap the sheep with his rod as he counted them.🐏 I love the fact that God counts us daily, He makes sure we are where we should be at the right time! We feel the tap of God every day as we are in the correct place with Him, that little indentation that lets us know we are accountable! That click in our spirit that resonates “I am His! and I am safe where I should be!” and we then enter our rest!🙋‍♀️ The rod was not only a tool of defense, but a tool of accountability used to identify who was in and who was missing! We feel that tap every day by His spirit, Him just making sure we are present! His lamp was hooked on the staff and was used to show the sheep which way to go because sheep have poor eyesight! The shepherd pointed the staff so the sheep could see which way to go!🏮This is like us when our sight is limited, He lifts high the lit staff so we can still journey accurately and not get left behind! His grace is sufficient for us!
Have you ever wondered why God would prepare a table for us in front of our enemies? He has prepared for us before the beginning of time! Our lives are ordained and purposed! He has prepared, ordained, purposed, designed, prophesied and decreed a feast of resource and grace when we are faced with enemies!🦸‍♀️ The enemies of our flesh, the attack of our imaginations, the desperation of our need…it has already been prepared and provided for us by Him! When our enemies come, they only come to mock, taunt or fight, but how marvelous that in the middle of their intent, we are busy feasting at a full, provided table of resource and are not distracted by them!🍯 Their presence seems trivial compared to what has been prepared for us! Today, let’s think about feeling the tap of the rod daily as we are counted into the safe place! Also, are we distracted by the enemies? or are we focused on the feast that will fill us and strengthen us in Him? #feelthetap!🙋‍♀️ #dailyaccountabilty!🙋‍♀️



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