January 4th


“You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows”

🏋️‍♀️ January 4th 2020: This is such a romantic picture isn’t? The shepherd pouring oil gently on the head of a sheep! But people, in reality, we have to talk infestations of blow flies and parasites!🧟‍♀️ Sheep are extremely prone to nasties because they wander off into territories that are riddled with all sorts of disease and bugs!🤢 Sheep are prone to blow flies that enter through their ears and travel to their brains and literally drive them insane, which leads to many of them falling off cliffs or running into the path of death. The ewes stop producing milk, and their offspring starve to death, all because of a little fly picked up when the sheep were in places it should not of been. Have you ever felt like you were losing your mind? Where a little fly entered your ear and started affecting your thinking? Without the shepherd’s intervention, it would lead the sheep into imminent danger or probable death, as it became frenzied, erratic and without the filter of danger.🤦‍♀️ The shepherd would not only pour, but rub fervently every part of the sheep with oil to kill and guard any parasites present. It was a messy, hard, time consuming job, but the shepherd faithfully protected every sheep fully without exception, so that his whole herd were clean, healthy and protected.🐏 He also rubbed oil in his sheep to heal them from any injuries, usually acquired from living as part of the herd. Sheep from time to time, head butt each other, trip each other up, bite or kick and cause little lesions on each other, but a good rub down by the shepherd heals those scratches, and nobody is vulnerable to serious infection. This is just like His grace when we gain small wounds from the bumping of each other in the herd. Little offences, upsets, misunderstandings, little scratches that can cause infection if not covered by His grace!🤲 The meaning of my cup overflows here is that each sheep had enough oil to cover themselves, but also were able to rub against each other, and excess oil would transfer to those in need. Whatever God gives to us for our good, He always gives more than we need so we can impart it to others in need, that is the nature of God!☝️ Today, do you have infestations that need treatment? Have you bumped into others and caused or received offences in the herd? Ask Him today to anoint you with oil to protect and heal, BUT don’t forget to give what has been given to you, because that my lovelies, is how it all works together for good! #morethanweneed!🤲 #rubbedoil!🤲



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