Accord is an international faith-based women’s community. We empower women to authentic living through impartation, training and relationship.


Accord Facebook Group

 Accord is the women’s community for New Sight International created to build and shape our women’s identity based on Kingdom values.

Accord started life as a Facebook group for about 10 women and has now grown to a community of over 1800! There are daily posts on the group that look at different topics such as:

Learning how to deal with regret 

Looking at who we are in Christ 

Dealing with emotions


Choices we make 

Accord Instagram

Every day we take a quote from the Accord Facebook post and turn it into a poster on our Instagram account!  The images can be used as screensavers and wallpapers and some of them can be found around our website.  

Check out the Emporium where we are using some of them to create exciting lines of puzzles, books and other merchandise. 

Accord YouTube Channel

2021 will be our time to activate our YouTube channel! It is really important to us that we can talk about relevant issues because when we come together, everyone has the mind of Christ! We love the Word and our God passionately, and we want to know HOW to live out the truth authentically in our day to day lives, so this will be a platform for our programme to house all of this on a weekly basis!

Teen Accord

Teen Accord is our community for teenage girls aged 13 to 19! We have a closed Facebook group but 2021 will see the launch of our new presence on other social media platforms accessible for our young blood!
Teen Accord will provide resources, community and equipping for authentic life in Christ by teenagers for teenagers facilitated by us here at Accord!

Accord Hashtags

We love a hash tag here at Accord and they have actually become really useful tools for mind renewal! 

Check out our Emporium for some #tag merchandise and feel free to use our daily #tags on our Facebook posts to remind yourself and others of the key truths we want in our hearts and minds!

Accord Conference

We were very excited to hold our first Accord Conference in April 2019 with women from South Africa, USA, Canada, Fiji, Europe and UK. This involved 3 days of teaching, impartation and oneness as we looked at implementing a new standard of faith in our everyday lives. It was a time of building relationships and community as well as fun and joy.
We look forward to holding more Accord Conferences in the future!