Heart Space

Heart Space is the home for our 30 day study journals! Heart Space is designed to be a catalyst for independent study and journaling as we seek to draw closer to Him and live more authentic lives. A new Heart Space study journal on different topics will be available to purchase and download every 8 weeks!

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Accord Merchandise

We love our hashtags in Accord and a few of them have made their way onto our merchandise! We have sweatshirts, hoodies, t-shirts, badges and more in a variety of colours and sizes! 

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A Little Bag of Truth

A Little Bag of Truth is our new concept that enables us to take ‘our little bit of nonsense’ and use it as a tool to renew our mind. A little bit of nonsense is an endearing term used in Wales for anything that we do for recreation whether that be craft, games, listening to music or whatever we use at the end of the day to relax! Our little bag of truth is literally that! It is a drawstring bag filled with bits of nonsense such as bespoke jigsaws, craft projects, journaling kits that can be used to renew our mind on truths that we hold dear as well as enjoying them for fun. 

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Thrive Bible Studies

Thrive is our brand new bible study resource which contains a downloadable 7 day bible study on a particular topic, a poster, activities and a worksheet. 

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