Heart Space is the new Bible Study resource from Accord and has been designed to give us a comprehensive study on relevant topics that help us be who we are in Christ. Heart Space is designed to be a catalyst for independent study and journaling as we seek to draw closer to Him and live more authentic lives. A new Heart Space study journal on different topics will be available to purchase every 8 weeks!


How Heart Space Works

The Heart Space study journals are desinged to introduce relevant topics to our lives and will enable us to dig deep into the reality of that via teaching, impartation, independent study and prayer. 

The journal is 30 days and can be worked through at your own pace. There is free access to a private Facebook group for the 6 weeks of the study – this is the 30 days plus an extra week before the study starts and an extra week after it finishes. Once a week during the study, there is a live bible study with the Heart Space team and extra resources are given daily on the Facebook group. The Heart Space journal is available with a new topic every 8 weeks and is available as a printable download, a hard copy, audiobook, or a box with extra resources.


The Heart Space Study Journals

Click on the image of each book to see inside and they can be ordered through the Emporium

Dealing With Fear

This is the first study journal from Heart Space and looks at how we deal with and overcome our fears in order to live our life in Him. Click the image above to see inside the book. 

100% Honest

100% Honest looks at how we are honest with ourselves, honest with God, honest with others and how we live our lives from that place of honesty. Click the image above to see inside the book.

Seeing Through His Eyes

This study journal  brings us sight on how we see ourselves, how God sees us and how we partner with Him to live our life in Him. Click the image above to see inside the book. 

The Healthy Self

This study journal looks at what a healthy perspective of self unlocks, what identity in Christ allows us to do, what self- esteem and confidence in Christ looks like, and how we can live when we know who we are! Click the image above to see inside the book.

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Living The Balanced Life

Our fifth study journal looks at the balance between our responsibility to our personal life and our responsibility to the corporate life. When these two things are balanced, we have reached a place of maturity in Christ! Click the image above to see inside the book. 

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Heart Space Study Box

You can now also purchase the hard copy of the Heart Space study journal in a box with other resources such as a notebook, stationary, truth cards, magnets, bookmarks and and more to help you go through the study journal. 

Check out this video that gives you a little sneak peak into the box and check out the Emporium to purchase the books in the boxes! 

What People Say About Heart Space

"Every single step, tool, quote, verse, hashtag, dialogue and bible study has given me everything I needed to come into a new, real authentic relationship with myself and with Him."
"I know I'm in a new season of building accurate relationship with myself, God and others and I'm wanting to learn from Him the right way to do things. I don't trust myself anymore. Teach me Lord."
"God showed me today that during this journey He has now completely obliterated a boulder of dread that I'd been carrying. My heart is now filled with His love and I can now 'wear my heart on my sleeve.' "
"I have thoroughly enjoyed delving into the many facets of fears entrapped in my life! God has shifted and sifted through these areas . . . changing, breaking and resetting things in my heart and mind."
"Just want to express how much I appreciate you resourcing the Body of Christ. As I encounter friends in person or online they share how much this has impacted them. Thank you for your obedience."
"It was a beautiful experience going through the Heart Space study journal on fear. I have learnt to trust God more on issues that almost paralyse me and see my mistakes not as mistakes but as learning."