Heart Space Hub

Heart Space is the new Bible Study resource from Accord.

Heart Space has been designed to give you a comprehensive study on relevant topics that help us be who we are in Christ.

Heart Space is designed to be a catalyst for independent study and journaling as we seek to draw closer to Him and live more authentic lives.

A new Heart Space study journal on different topics will be available to purchase and download every 6 weeks!

๐Ÿ’š Affordable at ยฃ5 per journal

๐Ÿ’š Upon download, you can join a private fb bible study group for free! This provides some extra tools to help you study independently, and access a live weekly bible study on the Heart Space study journal topic for 6 weeks!

๐Ÿ’š Heart Space is a 30 day undated study journal with daily teaching and activities on a specific study topic! Joining the Heart Space Hub group can provide you with a 6 weekly extended resource, or you can just use the study journal as a 30 day study book! You can use it at your preferred pace and depth on your own or with the group studies in the hub!

๐Ÿ’šDue to lockdown, it is only available at present for download, but will be available as soon as possible as a physical study pack that can be shipped to you!

The second Heart Space Study Journal is now available to pre-order! This one will be looking at The Real you.

Click here and complete the form to pre-order the Study Journal

The Facebook group for the journal will be launching on the 2nd of September with extra resources and live study zooms for you to join in with!

The first Heart Space study journal is now available to will look at Dealing With Fear!

Click here and complete the form to purchase the first Heart Space study journal.

The Facebook group for the journal will be launching on the 1st of July and a live bible study on the Heart space series journal will be available on the facebook group each week for you to join in with!