Rebecca Crosbie    

Founder of Accord and Heart Space
I founded Accord because I was passionate about providing an environment for authentic life where we could explore the ‘how to’s’ of our faith in a safe and honest community.
I love training and equipping with a passion and I get to use my creativity which is such a joy for me! Developing our resources is my delight and I get to do it every day which makes me happy beyond!
I love seeing something and showing what that looks like in real-time, breaking it down and then building it line upon line! I believe passionately about being myself the good, the bad and the ugly! and walking with Him from that position hungry to learn and grow together with the right people in my life!

Naomi Kitcher

Team Member

I am the baby of the team but have been journeying with Bec and Clare for my whole life! I am passionate about learning from other women and empowering each other and providing a space for that to happen.
I love the creative side of accord and creating the visual contents of the website and the fact that I get to be creative every day with amazing people makes me incredibly happy!
I have a degree in business studies but this is my business now and I wouldn’t change it for anything!

Clare Kitcher

Team Member

Hi I am Clare and I am a member of the Accord team. I was a special needs teacher in my previous life, but now I am living my dream working alongside people that I have journeyed with for over 25 years, to build and equip women to live in the Kingdom with confidence and enjoyment.
I love the fact that as a team we are able to combine together our skills and passions to create resources that delight us but also help others to understand the”How to” of our journey.