Our Vision

To not be religious or worldly but to be authentic in the realities of Christ. 

To impart to women the ability to dig deep and apply the realities of Christ.

To provide a community for women who cherish the identity of Accord, a safe place for women under authority.

No judgements! We celebrate and accept each other in freedom! 

Our Culture

Our culture is authenticity in everything that we do! It’s who we are and what we promote. 

Our Philosophy

Who are we? We are an international, faith-based women’s community

What do we do? We empower women to authentic living 

How do we do it? Through training, impartation and relationship through community 

Our Values

Accord is a community that wants to provide a safe place to explore the practicalities of living out authentic life in Christ. 

This is an exciting environment for us where we experience a lot of freedom that authenticity brings. 

Wherever there is freedom, there has to be hearts that are responsible so that we are safe within the boundaries of our calling. 

Our Boundaries

We want to take a moment and clarify our boundaries, so we can enjoy the freedom and safety that comes from the authorisation we have been given within our city walls. 

We are a positive, uplifting place for women to find confidence in who they are in Christ, so we promote kindness and respect in all we do.

We are women under authority so we can live lives of order and accuracy without fear. Boundaries are our freedom not our limitations and we respect that! 

We believe passionately in the power or correct alignment to correct government! We should not be a substitute for the care and relationship with your church elders where you are planted. When you stand before your community, we want to be a sweet aroma lingering on your garments not a distraction from the planting of the Lord in your life! We want to be a part of all that is good working together for you in Christ. 

We are a community to empower women to have accurate relationship with Christ, ourselves and others so we can all be a celebrated part of the Body of Christ! We sometimes talk about tricky, real things but always with hope and the certainty of accessing His thoughts and preferences on any subject.

This is why Accord is the identity we cherish, women of faith who pursue authenticity with honesty and kindness and who know there is grace for everything from Him!