On Facebook, you can find the Accord Group which has daily posts on a range of subjects and topics, such as: 

Learning how to deal with regret 

Looking at who we are in Christ 

Dealing with emotions


Choices we make 

We also have our Accord Hub page, where you can find out what we have coming up and any Accord news, and our Heart Space Hub page for all things Heart Space! Our Book Nook Club is also based on Facebook, and you can find out more about this group here


Every day we take a quote from the Accord Facebook post and turn it into a poster on our Accord Instagram account!  The images can be used as screensavers and wallpapers and some of them can be found around our website.  

We also have an Accord Emporium account where you can see all of our latest products, bible studies, truth cards and more! 


2021 will be our time to activate our YouTube channel! It is really important to us that we can talk about relevant issues because when we come together, everyone has the mind of Christ! We love the Word and our God passionately, and we want to know HOW to live out the truth authentically in our day to day lives, so this will be a platform for our programme to house all of this on a weekly basis! Check out our YouTube channel here

Tik Tok

Our brand new Accord Tik Tok features little videos that give a behind the scenes look at what we do and what we love! It shows who we are and reinforces the full life concept that we believe in, as well as showing new products that we have coming out and some of the exciting new things that we are working on! Check it out here


As well as purchasing Accord merch and the bible studies from the website, you can now purchase it through our Accord Emporium Etsy shop as well! 

You find our Bible Study Boxes here for each of the Heart Space study journals, as well as our jigsaw puzzles! Click here to check it out! 


For each of our Heart Space bible studies, there is a Spotify playlist to accompany the study full of podcasts, instrumental music, and worship music! 

Coming soon we also have our Accord Spotify playlists that we will be based around a particular theme, and these will be free to access and play on Spotify!