Accord is delighted to present, The Healthy Self Life Conference in Houston, Texas, November 18th – 20th 2022.

We are passionate about equipping and empowering women for authentic life in Christ, and this conference is designed to help establish correct mentalities and identity, as we sometimes need help to recognize and eliminate negativities, that seek to destroy our confidence and assurance in who we really are. We tend to be confident in who He is in us, but we can struggle with who we are in Him at times, and that is what our conference is all about!

God desires His people to have healthy perception of self that we love, value and cherish, simply because we see ourselves as He sees us! This creates confidence and a quality of life in us, that not only helps us see ourselves correctly, but is a true representation of relationship with Him.


We will look at 3 major stepping stones, that will help us arrive at our destination of a healthy
self life in Christ:

Session 1: Belonging to God

This session looks at what belonging to God enables, and how we use that identity, to help build healthy self-perceptions

Session 2: Identity in God

This session looks at how we struggle in our identity at times and why, and how to secure who God says we are in our mentalities about ourselves

Session 3: Competence in God

This session looks at what we are able to do when we have correct identity in Him, and how that produces authenticity and confidence within us

 Session 4: Healthy self in God

This final session looks at how God lives in us, for us and through us, and how correct identity allows Him room to move in our lives

We hope you can join us for this time of authentic, powerful teaching and impartation, as we secure our identity in Him! Check out our designated Instagram page for thehealthyselflifeconference, or check us out at, which is the home of all things Accord!