Welcome to our 3rd Accord Conference and we hope to see you in Houston in June! We are passionate about equipping and empowering women for authentic life in Christ, and this conference is designed to not only show us how God views honesty, but how we can live from it, and access new levels of truth in our living.

God loves honesty and He always rewards it even if we get it wrong because without honesty, there can be no truth, and we can become stuck trying to be honest without actually being honest, and trying to live in truth without actually living in truth! Truth is God’s part and honesty is ours, so when we can adopt honesty as our lifestyle, being led into all truth is not difficult for us.



Our conference is split into 5 sessions that will help us saturate ourselves in the fullness of living in all truth:

Sessions 1 and 2: Honesty with Ourselves

Honesty begins when we are able to be honest with ourselves, and this will take us 2 sessions to cover! We will look at why we choose to not be honest internally, the excuses we make and why, our issues of willingness and why we try to hide what is our truth. These sessions will identify the darkness and why it hides within us, BUT we will also be taking new positions before God, accessing new trust and freedom as we simply learn how to be honest with ourselves maybe for the first time in our lives!

Session 3: Honesty with God

This session looks at the futility of not being honest with God because NOTHING can change if it is not fully acknowledged truthfully. We will look at the relationship between honesty and truth, and how honesty is permission we give God to enter in and do as He will. A lack of honesty is actually born out of a lack of relationship, and this session will provide room for new connectivity to God, and find new joy and intimacy that honesty brings. 

Session 4: Honesty with Others

This session hits the reality where most of us struggle at some point, honesty with others. This session will look at the complexities of honesty with each other and how maybe that has gone wrong for us in the past, and created fear and a lack of trust. God is restoring this trust in His people so that honesty can be trusted, and darkness has no place to hide. This session will allow us to find new freedom, healing and accountability to each other, as we allow truth to be our goal, and honesty our method. 

Session 5: Honesty as A Lifestyle

Our last session brings all our sessions together, as we look at how to live simply the lifestyle of honesty and what that will open up for us. We will look at the responsibilities of honesty and where that will take us in life and before God. This session we will establish the culture we want, and let God seal that in our hearts and minds, as we let go of our lack of honesty before it become dishonesty, and allow our lives to become more authentic and freer as He desires.


We hope you can join us for this time of authentic, powerful teaching and impartation as we lose the fear, realign our trust, and enter authentic living as never before! Check out our designated Instagram page for our Honesty Conference, [thehonestyconference] or check us out at www.accordwomen.com, which is the home of all things Accord!