Accord is the women's community of New Sight International and is based in Cardiff, UK. It was formed in 2018 to build and form the identity of our women based on Kingdom values.

Accord offers a platform where women can share their life experiences and learn from each other, as we discover how we live accurately in Christ, and create authentic living in our day to day norms. 

Accord has women from all over the world including South Africa, Europe, USA, Fiji, Trinidad, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. 

New Sight International

New Sight International (NSI) is a growing church community with members from a variety of ages, nationalities and backgrounds based in Cardiff, UK. NSI is described as a ‘Kingdom Community’ to represent the movement away from static positions of religious faith built around a church service to the realisation of a people who express God through the abundance of a Kingdom lifestyle. 


NSI is a Core Kingdom Community within Congress WBN and specifically part of the the Kingdom Community Network (KCN) which has over 20,000 Kingdom Communities throughout the nations.

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Congress WBN

Congress WBN is a faith-based organisation that operates in over 100 nations and is committed to building a mature church. It is made up of sectors of strategic operations including networks of Kingdom Communities, professional groups, educational institutions, nation development initiatives, businesses, university students, and a Global Communications and Technology (GCT) team. 

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